Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Farrier encyclopedia cover design...

   Okay...  Having worked my way through the entry drafts list, it's time to start actually putting this thing together.  That includes a cover.

   First stab at the new design.  Mostly just to try out the montage border approach.

   It's kinda' busy, but the idea is for it to convey the whole "busting at the seems with info" thing...  And to be strikingly different than the earlier lexicons.

   May replace several of the images.  May go to four big ones in the corners with or without smaller pics in-between.  Could still go an entirely different direction...

   So how about some opinions?

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  1. It's a bit too busy. "Bursting at the seams with info" is something that will be conveyed by the book's design, when someone picks it up and starts flipping through it. The cover needs to be eye-catching, making the subject of the book readily apparent. When the cover is well done and professional-looking, that will lend a bit more credibility to the info inside the book.

    The montage approach may work with a little more white space (or in this case black space) between your graphic elements. For instance, all your horse shoes are roughly the same shape, so to contrast their differences, set them together as a set of shoes; this shows people a "regular" shoe and then a bunch of variants, and that may make them more likely to think "Oh, well what is that shoe? I've never seen it. What is it for?"

    Just a few thoughts from someone who does editing and a bit of graphic design for her day job.

  2. Thanks, AB... Working on several variations and other concepts. Also planning a photo shoot, so I may have some better images to work-with...

    One form has fewer, larger images with more space in-between. Another has larger images in the corners, with a border of uniform-size, smaller images connecting them to make a frame.

    Also will do at least one with a lighter background and dark text. I'm partial to darker background myself. (BLACKsmith, y'know.) The current background is actually a dark pattern, lifted from an old Bible.