Sunday, January 22, 2017

Signs of Doom: Tale of Two Trucks...

   Here are two pickup trucks...

   This is my old work truck.  It happens to be a Dodge.  But, for purposes of this observation, it could just as well be a Chevy, Ford, or pretty much any Nixon-era truck.

   This is the make/model of our current pickup.  Pretty typical 21st Century specimen.

   These vehicles are alike in a lot of ways.  Both haul/pull comparable loads at similar speeds over the same roads.  Both made in the USA.  Both rely on lead/acid batteries to start them up.

   And those batteries have to be replaced every now and then.

   Let's see what is required to accomplish this.

   Nixon era pickup...

-     A 1/2" wrench. (Or socket. Whatever.)
-     A replacement battery.  (12v auto battery. Bigger the better. Lot of leeway.)
-     Five minutes. 

   Modern Pickup...

-     An 8mm wrench.  (Must be box-end, six-sided.  Socket won't work. Twelve-sided will strip.)
-     A ratchet with a 13mm socket and very long extension.
-     A 10mm socket.
-     Vice grips. 
-     A midget.
-     A very specific replacement battery.  (Others won't fit.)
-     Forty-five to ninety minutes.
-     Extra BP medication.

   And this, gentle readers, is one of many examples of why this civilization is ultimately DOOMED!

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