Friday, November 16, 2012

MILLWATER'S FARRIERY: 2012 Wrapping-Up...

   Hard to believe the holidays are almost upon us again.  Impending Mayan Apocalypse Doom notwithstanding, it's been a pretty good year.  Our home dairy project has worked-out, and the raw milk has me healthier than I've been in many years.   We're getting ready for the big draft horse sale.  (Always more exciting when you're actually looking to buy one.)  And MILLWATER'S FARRIERY has done nicely in it's first year.

Not the first year for the Dictionary in general, of course.
Just for the new, encyclopedic version.

      It's kinda' funny in this era of modern distribution to see royalties coming in Euros and Pounds instead of just plain old Dollars.  I reckon it really is a global economy now.  

   I'd like to thank all the readers on both sides of the Big Pond who've made the book a success.  I hope you have found it useful.

   I'll be posting the discount codes for the holiday sales here and on FaceBook as they become available.  But those of you who want the hardcover version can get a deal on the promotional copies that are usually available on eBay.  Even the holiday e-coupons probably won't match the price there.  Come to think of it, the trade paperback is also there at a discount...  

   For those of you who like to stick with Amazon, they have the paperback at a 10% discount right now as well.  (I have no idea how long it'll stay that way.)

   Finally, although I've been seriously distracted and busy in meatspace lately, if anyone out there has a farriery topic they'd like to have addressed or revisited on this blog, just let me know!

. . .

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