Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

   Hard to believe the holiday season is already upon us again!

   Folks following Millwater Publishing know that I've been busy with the ongoing project.  At least until events at Prophet's Thumb started demanding so much time and attention.  (Rough start to an already late dairy season.)    Thankful to have got through that rough patch...  And to have made it to the slow-down phase of the season where I'm not spending all night, every night, in the dairy kitchen!

   Also thankful to have a barn full of healthy Quargian (AQHA/BDHCA) youngsters coming up.  Just hope I've still got it in me to make proper mounts of the industrial strength beasties.  Especially the colt.  A yearling now, and already a 16+ hand locomotive.

   Sadly, for a {ahem} middle-aged Sasquatch like me riding Jurassic Park refugees like these critters, the saddle that fit 1970s me and working quarter horses perfectly won't quite get it done.  So I've been distracted with another long-overdue project...

   "He sold his saddle" is cowboy speak for something akin to "He sold his soul."

   Wonder what it means when he builds a new saddle from scratch...

   Anyway...  Here's hoping you all find yourselves with plenty to be thankful for this turkey-day, and may it be the start of a joyous holiday season!


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