Thursday, June 2, 2011

Encyclopedia of Farriery: More illustrations...

   The Encyclopedia format relies heavily on cross-referencing and illustrations.  Working on getting some of the basic illustrations ready to insert into the article-length entries...

   Here's an old-school favorite... The open-toed eggbar, Napoleon shoe, or plain ol' backwards shoe.  Thing can actually come in handy, even if it does look like a short-cut that might be employed by a redneck shoe-horser.  ;)

   This one will go with the underrun heels entry, and demonstrates how adding an eggbar to underrun heels only transfers all that extra posterior load to a point far too forward, and can crush the heels further.  The lower image shows how far the actual hoof loading can be moved back just by taking off a thin wafer of underrun heel.

   The distorted, rasped anterior wall depicted on both versions of this foot is intentional.  Underrun heels often go with toe flares, as the whole bottom of the foot tends to distort forward.

   This will go with horseshoe, conventional application.  It's basically just an idealized image of a shod hoof...  Admittedly featuring a few of my personal preferences.  Rockered toe, swedged/concave/rim shoe, upper surface beveled-off from the heel quarters back.

   Wedge pad...  I use diagrams/drawings a lot because they reproduce more consistently than photos.  All these started out as pencil sketches, then got doctored-up a bit with GIMP.  Of course, these are scaled-down from the hi-res files that the book will use.

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