Friday, May 27, 2011

Farrier Encyclopedia: Keg shoe fitting...

   Latest sample article from next year's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Farriery now up...

   Yes, it needs, and will get, illustrations...  Thing about this kind of tome.  It covers topics from fundamental to advanced.  This is one of the former.  .

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  1. Hey! This link goes to the eagle-eye article. Wheres the keg shoe article?

  2. There is normally only one sample article PDF up at any given time. When a new sample is posted, it replaces the previous one in the links.

    Today "eagle eye" is up. Soon it'll be replaced with "high-low syndrome"... "Keg shoe, fitting" will rotate back around eventually.

    You can always go to the top of the blog (or ) to see which article is currently up.