Monday, May 16, 2011

Still testing...

   First, a quick history of The Dictionary of Farrier Terms...

   Our schedule for the past decade has been a new edition every other year.  (The 2010/2011 2.7.2 edition is current as of this writing.)  So work on the 2012 edition is underway now.

   Since word on the street has it that the world is due to end late in 2012, I'm approaching this edition as the final.  Even if the Mayan gods fail to work up a decent apocalypse, I may want to focus on electronic editions and other projects for a while anyway.

   So, for the tenth, and possibly final, print edition of the Dictionary, I'll be taking it up a notch to produce the ENCYCLOPEDIC Dictionary of Farriery.

   This edition will continue the well-established pattern of expanding content with more illustrations and encyclopedic articles.  This time with a focus on practical, how-to entries.

   I'm planning to make this edition available in both trade paperback and deluxe hard-cover versions...  I'm still deciding on whether to go with casewrap or dust jacket type hardcover. Any opinions on the matter are welcome.

   I'm also open to suggestions content-wise.  Articles that you think need to be included this time around...  As always, the Dictionary is intended to be a handy tool for professional farriers, as well as a useful resource for horseowners.  And, in times like these, it may even serve as an Scotsman's horseshoeing textbook for those taking up the trade or having to resort to trimming or shoeing their own.

   The current New Dictionary of Farrier Terms and Technical Language will also remain in-print and available on Amazon.

   Oh... And FedEx still sucks.

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