Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogger Launch: Encyclopedia coming next year.

   There should be a lot going on at Millwater Publishing over the next several months, with the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Farriery being compiled for a 2012 release.  So I decided to use the blog to give readers some sneak-peaks at the work in progress.

   I already started this over at the CreateSpace/Amazon blog.  But they don't allow a lot of personalization over there.  More importantly, they don't seem to allow for open comments, and I know most readers don't have or want a CreateSpace account.  So I'll be redirecting the and homepage blog links here.

   Working drafts of new articles will be posted here from time to time, linked in .pdf format.  Illustrations and such may also be posted.

   You can also keep track of the project at the Millwater Publishing FaceBook page, and our Twitter feed.  Feel free to touch base through my regular FaceBook page as well.

   Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

   Oh, and the current edition of the New Dictionary of Farrier Terms and Technical Language will remain available at Amazon.


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