Monday, May 16, 2011

Testing transfer of posts from CS Blog...

   Well, been busy with all manner of things aroung the farm and shop.  Now Spring has finally sprung, and we'll be even more covered-up than before...  But I'll nevertheless attempt to get back into the MillwaterPublishing blog habit.

   It appears that the existing content at the blog, which forwarded to my Amazon author central page, has gone "poof" as things in cyberspace sometimes do...  I've just set Amazon to RSS this CreateSpace content.  We'll see how that works out.

   There will be a lot of news regarding The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Farrier Terms and Technical Language in weeks to come. Including sample articles, images, and more...

   But first, something to get off my chest...  One of the things that has been responsible a lot of the distraction here lately...

   Yes, FedEx Sucks.  They suck so bad that I was compelled to launch a website to catalog the extent of their sucktitude.  (Like I had time for a hobby!)  You can visit the site at to read up on how they drew our emnity, as well as that of many other former customers.  No cookies, java, or anything for sale at the site.  Just well-justified rants.

   We'll get back on-topic with the next entry.


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