Saturday, September 10, 2011

Millwater's Farriery: Founder Illustrated...

   It is Millwater's Farriery: The Illustrated Dictionary of Horseshoeing and Hoofcare...  So a feature entry article like "founder" is going to get some pictures...

Starting point...  Simplified cross-section diagram of the hoof.
Has been tweaked a bit since this scaled-down version was saved.

A-hoof wall,  B-laminae,   C-horny sole,   D-coffin bone (PIII),
E-short pastern bone,   F-navicular,   G-deep flexor tendon,
H-digital cushion/frog,   I-solar corium.
Dotted line shows the bearing surface extent of the wall.

Changes and rotational forces during founder.

Traditional trim to counter rotation.

Foundered hoof with heartbar and resection.
Dotted line here shows the ground surface of the shoe,

Solar view, full-support heartbar on hoof.
Note that the tip and outer edge of frog are not covered.

Solar view of dynamic heartbar variation with a
Thera-Flex insert and abbreviated shoe.

Note the "window" in the pad to prevent it pressuring the anterior sole.

Flexor relief by wedge shoeing for founder,
as suggested by Dr. Redden in the '90s.

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