Monday, September 5, 2011

Millwater's Farriery: Founder...

   I caught a little flack from some folks last week for using a founder image for the link button to the laminitis entry...  I'm just pleased that some folks out there know the difference well enough to complain about it.

   Now moving-on to the entry on founder proper...  It's one of the anchor articles in the book, and will have a lot of illustrations.  The heartbar entry has more detailed info on applying that shoe.  Of course, the anatomy anchor entry and full-page anatomical illustrations in the appendix also support this piece in the encyclopedic dictionary of farriery.

The late, great Burney Chapman and part of his collection
of heartbars and unreasonable facsimiles thereof.
(Photo by me. Kentucky, 1994.)

- 30 - 


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