Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Corrective/Therapeutic Farriery...

   Okay...  Just over a month left to compose content for Millwater's Farriery: The Illustrated Dictionary of Horseshoeing and Hoofcare.  So entries will be coming hot & heavy now.

   The sample entry .PDF rotates with updates.  If you see a subject of interest in an older blog post, hang-on...  It'll probably be re-posted when we switch over to formatting/assembly and don't have whole new entries to post every few days.  But stay alert.  There's usually only one major sample entry available at a time.

   Big one this time.  Again, the cross-reference style of the book doesn't work so well when the articles are posted alone, especially without their illustrations, but you can get the general idea...

- 30 -


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