Monday, July 4, 2011

Encyclopedia of Farriery: A few more illustrations...

   Still going along with articles and illustrations.  "Hoof cracks" will be along soon...  Also going to have to get the camera and go shoot a few pictures for some of the entries.

This is a coal forge illustration from a pre-WWI Army Manual.
I'm tempted to use it with the coal forge entry, but it really
doesn't show the firepot workings as well as I'd like.

Also from an old Army Manual.
I may include appendix pages for historical reference,
although this particular image doesn't really fit for that purpose.
Could wind-up incorporated into cover design though.

A selection of nails I had handy for relative comparison.
Will have a shoe and nail size page in the Encyclopedia.

Okay, this isn't really for the book at all... 
Came across it while rooting around for specimens to scan.
Forging exercise where I worked 1 & 1/2 worn-out shoes
into one new horseshoe...  Stopped halfway through for show.

Borium... Well, technically Carbraze or something.
Tungsten Carbide chips in a bronze matrix, applied in the coal forge.
I usually just fill the crease of a swedged shoe with the stuff.
There's really no need to build big ol' calk like some folks do.

Hospital plate.  Over a heartbar, though you can't tell here.

Here we have images for cold shoeing, especially those who 
claim cold fitting factory shoes always means "shoe-horseing"...
In the middle we have a factory rim shoe out of the box.
On the left, identical shoe cold-fit for a front pattern with rockered toe.
On the right, identical shoe cold-fit for hind pattern.

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