Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trim Technique Diagrams...

   Continuing from the previous post, which was the Encyclopedic Dictionary's entry on basic trimming technique...

This is the solar view of the hoof before wall trimming.
Note that the entire bearing surface has "slid" forward,
putting the heel buttresses ahead of the widest part of the frog.

This is a lateral view of the untrimmed hoof.
Note that this is just a slightly overdue for trim foot.
Not a severe case.

Here is the same foot, trimmed to be left bare.
In real life, the bevels are hardly noticeable unless the horse is on pavement.

The same foot, if it had been trimmed to receive a shoe.
This foot is a little shorter, ground to coronary-band, than the barefoot version.
Once the thickness of a shoe is added, it will be slightly taller than the barefoot trim.

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